Greeting Dari Eru Untuk Salam Korea

Dalam kesempatan bertemu dengan penggemar Minggu (7/9) lalu di tokonya Kpop by Eru, pemilik suara merdu ini menyempatkan diri mengirimkan pesan video untuk Salam Korea! Ini dia pesan Eru untuk Jeolchin!

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everything will better in the morning, if it still not work then just wait for another morning until it's getting better. ^^ Love Kpop, KDrama & Korea! Call me Noona or Eonni but please not admin :( Too busy to dating because too worry about the next episode...haha. Fall in love with Kyuhyunie with a million pieces of him at gwanghwamun ^^ ready to talk about Korean things but currently so busy with healthcare things. Soft hearted fans of Super Junior and all handsome Korean actor especially Jung Hae In oppa... Let's laugh! See you when I see you, Jeolchin ^^